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Cash Craft Script allows visitors to earn cash back rewards and save money on their everyday shopping. That is why cashback websites are a great way to make money. This also allows to premium coupons shopping experience and referral earning system also here.

My Earnings

User can check the earning details contains cashback earnings,referral earnings, available balance,side bar have the earning details and FAQ questions and answers.


User can view all withdrawal requests here and also user can see the withdraw status here.side bar have the earning details and FAQ questions and answers.

Missing Cashback

It have view missing cashbacks,add missing cashback tickets first one is user can view the all missing cashback tickets second one is User can add the missing cashback based on click history.

Referral management

In this page contain User referral cash back link and referred friends count shown here.User able to invite friends from gmail contacts option, Invite by muti email newsletter option

Referral network

In this page shows Referred friends status, Side bar have the Earning details and FAQ questions and answers.


In this page user can view the premium shopping coupons order status,Side bar have the Earning details and FAQ questions and answers.

Why Cashcraft is better than any other Coupon Scripts?

  • Our Coupons come with Cashback in addition! So you get DOUBLE SAVINGS!
  • Coupon sites keep all commission, we share with you as Cashback
  • Get Cashback as real Cash, in to your bank
  • Cashcraft gives you Real Cashback & Coupons on your Online Shopping


How it Works


Browse our site and choose from 100s of retailers and exclusive offers.


Click through to your favourite retailers and shop as usual.

Earn Cashback

The retailer pay us commission foryour purchase and we add this as cashback to your earnings.



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Thank you for contacting us. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible!!!


Technical Questions and Support

Please visit the Contact Us page for support information.

Ordering Information and Sales Questions

Please visit the Contact Us page for more support options. Please explain the problem you are having. Be as descriptive as possible, including steps to recreate the problem.

Server Requirements

To run CashbackEngine, you need a domain name and a hosting account or dedicated server with software installed for a web server.

In order to run properly our script, your server needs to have installed the following:

  • Linux, Unix-Server
  • PHP: version 5.2 or newer
  • MySQL database

Our script requirements are common for most webhosts, but you still should check before buying the script if the requirements are met.

License Specifications

One license is for lifetime, once you buy it, you won't need to pay anything later for the script!

1 License is valid for 1 domain/website. No reselling rights.

Free Support

With a CashbackEngine license you also get 6 months free support.

Free support refers to the following:

  • Helping you moving the script if you change your hosting / server
  • Free consulting while configuring the script
  • Support for problems that you might have with the script (bug support)

Free support does not refer to the following:

  • Implementing extra features that you might need
  • Implementing new templates or make design changes
  • 3rd party software integration with the script
  • web server software configurations

If you need custom work to your script that does not fall under free support, please contact us.

For after 6 months support prices, please see the prices page.

Free Upgrades

Free upgrades to new versions or updates of the script are provided for 6 months with a script license purchase.

For after 6 months upgrades prices, please see the prices page.


Licensing Details

  • A downloadable license can be installed on one URL only. How ever you can purchase additional licenses at a flat 30% discount for other domains

What if I need customisation and new theme development?

  • Please contact us at [email protected] with your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote price.

Are the source codes open?

  • Almost! We provide 99% open source codes so that you may extend the functionalities if you want. We only encode a few files in order to protect our software from unauthorised distributions. Encoded files will never be an issue for you to customize our software.