Affiliate marketing can be a chance to make stunning sales for internet retailers. Success can be with the type of products you sell !! Affiliate marketing is just hiring affiliates who are paid to bring users.

Pay them if they convert visitors into customers. While you are generating traffic as a marketer, the main goal is to increase the number of customers.  This is the reason affiliate marketing are much familiar  , specially in the web based industry, 

Example : You have an website with products and want to increase sales and by doing marketing you can look up by agency , blog, product comparisons, reviews..

7 important features: 

1. Affiliates tracking URL 

2. Advertising your company 

3. Customers or members attainment

4. Payouts only for results 

5. Terms & Conditions 

6. Cookies length 

7. Reversal duration 

Now you have all the modules to  create and run a successful affiliate program! Hope this message finds you to grow your business online.. 

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